Multi-specialist outpatient clinic and training center

About us

Med & Sport 2000 s.r.l. was founded in 2000 as a service company in the field of safety at work, training, and research in medicine. The Med & Sport 2000's activity includes: a multi-specialist clinic offering services in occupational medicine and even, in sport medicine; a training center with equipped classrooms; equipment supporting basic research performed in co-operation with labs of Turin University and a researchers’ team in Internal Medicine for clinical research programs.
Med & Sport 2000 is based in Turin, but it carries out its business throughout the Northern Italy

Our activities

Occupational medicine

Health surveillance in the company

Med &Sport 2000 is a point of reference for companies both for the workers’ health surveillance and for all activities related to safety management.
Preventive and periodic medical examinations; execution of the tests required by the health protocol; management of medical records and the schedule of visits are the main activities.

Sports medicine

Prevention and safety at the service of the sportsman

A sport medicine service is active in our clinic; fitness visits and specific treatments for pathologies related to sporting activity are carried out.
We provide both competitive and non-competitive sports medical examinations.

Focused shock wave therapy (ESWT)

The treatments are carried out in our clinic

The pressure impulses of the shock waves stimulate bone and joint repair processes, reduce both inflammation and pain, and allow for faster functional recovery. It is recommended for: delayed consolidation of fractures, acute and chronic tendinopathies (epicondylitis, plantar fasciitis, groin pain, etc.), algodystrophie, muscle contractures. Additional applications of ESWT are now available in chronic skin ulcers, spastic pathologies, cardiovascular diseases, but even in our studies in vitro (cell lines) in vivo (animals with cancer)

Internal medicine, endocrinology, and metabolic diseases

The visits are carried out in our clinic

The specialization in Internal Medicine allows you to have a multidisciplinary competence able to deal with complex patients, even suffering from multiple pathologies or with symptoms related to different systems. The specialization in Endocrinology is concerned with diseases of the endocrine system: diabetology; andrology; endocrinology of reproduction, growth, and motor activities; metabolic pathologies and clinic with particular regard to diabetes, lipid metabolism, calcium and metabolic bone diseases.

Training and education

Courses are available both in attendace and on-line

Health and safety are two important elements of a healthy and peaceful working life. Med & Sport 2000 offers a series of courses covering various aspects of occupational safety and health. Our courses are constantly developed and updated to comply with the latest regulations and meet the needs of the workers


In medical field

Our company follows two lines of research: a. basic research in cooperation with labs of Turin University on normal and neoplastic cell lines and after in animals b. clinical research on chronic disability. Scope of our research is to study the cell biological behaviour from normal to pathological; to identify profiles predictive of diseases when it is possible and of consequence to identify time of eventual intervention, type of treatment (especially non-invasive treatments, ESWT, but not only) to avoid or delay chronic disability. Chronic disability related to occupational diseases is the main subject of our research. Members of the Company plan research programs by co-operation with Italian and foreign universities and with private scientific bodies. IT/IA application is the new frontier for well-being in adult and aged people.